i still remember when you
dug your claws in my chest
and filled my lungs with warmth

i was drowning in shadows
i was a drop of ink
when you gnawed on my flesh
until i bled the darkness out
and was filled with light

i still think about you
because you ignited my spark
and now it won’t go out
making my fires collide

do you see the red thread
running from my pinky
to yours
it’s tangled
it’s a mess
it’s an inescapable force

i still have scars
where you cut
i don’t know if they’re
a fond memory
or a brand

we missed our chance
didn’t we?
then why do i feel
shake the ground
so we fall into each other’s arms

are we a duprass?
tell me are we
a karass or
a granfalloon

it’s the gibberish again
god and faith and love and
the universe
things we believe in
to make sense
of this dumpster

i’m afraid i’m falling
into the darkness again
and this time i’ll have to
ignite myself
on my own


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