static electricity

trees are waiting
their leaves refuse to fall
the sun burns nervously
pointlessly trying to stall
its inescapable death
rivers tiptoe
oceans sit still
the planet holds its breath

everything is on pause
the present
the future
the rights
the wrongs
the do’s
the don’ts

everyone holds
onto their seat tightly
anticipating the
inevitable crash
collateral damage
their own futile backlash

love awaits at the window
pain, at the door
and we’re stuck in limbo
we’re cowards
who want to explore

there is no safety
there is no comfort in truth
there’s no arson without flames
there is no victory
without wounds
there is no dancing
with no sweat
there are no leaps
without dread
there are no earthquakes
without chaos
there are no riots
with rules

the clock is ticking
malicious, cunning, and killing
peaks are on the horizon
a mountain buries a mountain
don’t let the climax
frighten you
don’t let the jump
scare you off

find lightening
in places
you aren’t supposed to
let yourself drown in something
much more corrupt than you
risk everything
gamble, make your bid
or you’ll spend the rest of your life
wishing that you did


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