Don’t try to fix the broken.
Pour the water.
Pull the drapes.
What was whole may never be.

Don’t try to remember the forgotten.
Flinch at the images.
Close the doors.
Pretend you don’t dream.

Don’t keep ashes of the burnt.
Break the urn.
Sweep the dust.
Don’t forget to put out the fire.

Don’t keep bottle caps in your drawers.
Own nothing.
Tell nothing.
Keep your skeletons in your closet.

Don’t wake the dead.
Don’t dig for the buried.
No safety coffins will work.
There’s no saving by the bell.

Don’t stitch the torn.
Needles will turn on you.
Threads will wrap around you.
Fabric will suffocate you.

Let the drowning sink.
Let the suffering die.
Let the leaving go.
Let yourself be.


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