When It Rains


Remember how I told you the world made me sad,
sad like a mother disappointed in her child,
sad like my mother.
Sometimes it doesn’t.

Dear, it’s raining outside! Again!
It rains every year!
Blurring out everything,
and making encounters more romantic.

Rain reminds me of you,
winter reminds me of you,
white, gray, blue, all do too.
Let’s be real, everything reminds me of you.

I’ve always had a thing for rain.
I stay under it too long,
I ramble about it too often,
it has too much control over me.

Your face is reflected in every raindrop.
It’s in the clouds,
in the mornings.
It’s in every face I see.

Things like
rain and your face,
make me forget

Moments like

When I see trees bursting out of fences,
trying to escape their homes,
I remember that we’re just as trapped.
We’re just as burrowed.

Or how

When I was a little girl,
a young boy died in my arms,
and I swore,
to never feel for anyone.

I succeeded for the most part,
until you broke my heart.
It’s not your fault.
You see, my heart, had no other choice
but to break.

When you have a normal heart
and you feel, it melts.
But a heart that’s been turned into rock,
a heart that’s impossible to move,
has no other option but to break.

It can’t melt.
It can’t burn.
It must break.
It’s a jagged rock.

Rain soaks my heart,
softens it,
but by summer,
it’s ready to break again.


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