You lie in my bed, your shoulder holds my head
the black keys are singing about the lengths
we’re so innocent, just trying to rest
but it feels so sinful to have you in my nest
breaking rules leaves one anxious
but this sin brings me peace
“just try to not let them hear you sneeze”
because you have a cold
there is nothing in this world
but Dan and guitars
and your occasional sniffing
our legs intertwined, it’s snowing outside
we’re a pile of heat and sheets
and your snotty tissues
my right hand has melted into your left
my left hand is on your heart
your right hand is pressing tissues to your runny nose
we have no end, we have no start
“you know we’d be dead if someone walked in”
“You didn’t lock the door?!” 
“it’s too comfortable for me to get up” 
“If this cold doesn’t kill me, you will”
you lock the door
and come back with dilated eyes
for a moment, I want more
the black keys are now singing about when they were thirteen
you’re the one I adore, sings Dan and I know what he means
you groggily plant your lips on my middle
I know you can’t breathe
so I pull your hair until your face is on my chest
out of many I’ll remember this night best
I bring the tissue box closer to us
you fall asleep like that
I’m definitely catching a cold
I think sleepily
I don’t care I have more black keys albums
and a lot more tissues


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