I’ll Kiss Those Radiation Burns Away

War changes people. War never changes.

Soldiers get nightmares, medics lose their souls, lovers drift apart, and children descend from eden.

People will lose a lot of memories they wanted to hold on to. They never lose memories of war.

War makes you see the world differently, makes you believe in the chaotic nature of the universe.
You’ll expect anything to happen any time, you know any moment could be the last.

War will take away a lot of your firsts, your first dead body, your first drone, your first explosion, your first loss. Sometimes your first love.

It will leave you dry, of any emotion, of any tears. It’ll leave you wondering if you were going to end up any different without it. Maybe less damaged, maybe less disconnected.

People are haunted forever by all the sounds they heard, all the shit they saw, all the dreams they lost.

Once you’ve seen war you can’t take the romantasized versions of it seriously. You can’t love all those novels and all those movies because you know, war can’t be captured.

They’re frustrating, the “what ifs”, the “maybes”, the “whys.”
It takes time to let them go.

Drastic change in people takes time too, but no matter how short lived, war changes people.
Long periods of time change things, but no matter how much time passes, war never changes.


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