Mon Amie

Kid, all lovers betray. 

That pain in your chest you feel right now is nothing but your pride exploding.
Let it explode. You’re going to need pride while you’re here.
This pain, you think it will last forever, it’s just a reminder that you let yourself grow roots.
Grow roots, within yourself.
These tears filling your eyes uncontrollably, they’ll help you see better next time.
Just make sure you don’t let them spill on the wrong tables.

Kid, all lovers leave. 

This is not the end of the world. You’ll call this “bullshit,” go ahead.
But everyone needs to be told that this existential earthquake is temporary.
You let yourself indulge in your desires and your delusions. So what!
You looked at things through a pair of red sunglasses.
You chose to believe in lies.

Kid, you have to learn.

Let this teach you that you need depth.
You need depth so you wouldn’t fall so hard.
So the fall wouldn’t hurt so bad.
You have a lot of work to do.
Get to know gravity.

Kid, you’ll have to grow thicker skin. 

You’ll have to learn to take the no’s and the go’s.
You’ll have to learn that not all meanness is irrelevant.
You’ll have to loosen up the screws holding you together.
So you can reshape.

Kid, you’re going to have to grow up.

You have to stop the anger and the lashing out.
The harsh words you call honesty, you think they’re a barrier.
They’re a window. We can see right through you.
You’re transparent in the worst way. 

No matter how terrible you find these events,
I hope they help you kid, I really do.


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