Hear me out
what if
what if there’s something

I can feel it pulsing in my temples
I can feel it scream behind my ears

I’m not mad

Just hear me out
before it gets to you 

it’ll get you
it gets almost everyone 

the only ones who make it
are soulless stones of ice

It’s in the crevices
pushing them deeper
creating fractures
that make memories disappear 

I promise you I’m not mad
listen to this madness lad
you’re not immune
you’re not soulless

I hope not

it is crippling
it is pathetic
takes over who you are

I dont know what it is
but I can feel it

leaves you lying there in the wee hours of the night
lying there with nothing about you but it
with nothing to hold on to but it

I’m telling you
it’s there
it’s real

eating away whatever you have left of your brain cells
putting things in your head that werent there

it’s there
why wont you listen
I’m not mad
I’m not-


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