To Be


Holding on to everything that makes you stare at the sun with no sunglasses, letting go, only to hold on to things that make you stay under water a little while longer.

If ants can carry things 5000 times their weight, you can carry the universe in your soul.
That soul of yours, is bigger than this god damned world.

Don’t fight it, the hole in there, let it destroy things, let it destroy you.
Fighting it will only make you look like a coward… Succumb to the darkness, who said there had to be light at the end?

Rules are made by people, ignore them, ignore people. Our minds expand inward infinitely, you don’t have to look outside, exploring the world won’t come one bit close to exploring yourself. Looking for a muse? Take off your clothes. Burn your house. Kill thy neighbor.

Those voices in your head? Don’t you dare mute, sedate, or exile them. Why would you get rid of your friends? Instead, sit with them and teach them to talk one at a time.

Minds are so sexy, so are souls, let them turn you on. Let the want of having the key to someone’s thoughts excite you. On on on, go on, explain the craziest ideas you have, watch people cringe, then, move on.

Those who fight the fire, will eventually succeed but they’ll be so cold. It’s sad to watch someone try to put out a fire that could burn so bright.

So burn away, pour more gas on yourself, and scorch everything you touch. To hell with the slogans, motivational posters, and AA. To hell with the second A.

Why are people so terrified of dying young? Don’t be terrified, be prepared. Be prepared to die at 25. Be ready to let go. See, this came to a full circle of holding on and letting go. Isn’t that what life’s all about?



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