Can’t Be Let Out


In a dark dim corner
sits the little girl you’ve kept locked up
sits with her arms around her knees
she thinks she’s ready

she has a small knife
as small as her tiny fingers
and she buries that knife in her palms
she knows how to hurt you

she sits in that corner all day
she sits and feels all year
she feels
and that’s why she’s locked up

she sings with her uneven voice
songs you don’t want to hear
she tries to move and jump around
ut you don’t let her feel feel feel

you plan to have her where she is forever
you try to shake her awake
you try to talk some sense into her

Little girl!
The universe will swallow you
and never spit you back.

she’s decided to not hear any threat you make
she has decided to fear nothing at all
she has decided to burn carelessly

Careful, little girl.
They’re gonna find out about your secrets.

the best way to hide a secret
is to pretend that it doesn’t exist
and she has always been
such a pretentious little girl

this corner is the only home
no more of this “feeling
no more of these games
stop it
stop it all


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