Lub Dub

I’m in this tower for a reason
if you pay enough attention
you’ll see
I know
you won’t

there’s a reason I don’t like ivory
if you listen close enough
you’ll hear
to the right sounds
just listen

although this world has no manual
although reason isn’t its strongest suit
sometimes there are bits of sense
at the bottom of a liquor bottle

and even when nothing happens
according to any type of plan
sometimes there’s hope
in finding
a message in a bottle
by the sea

there must be some kind of hope
please tell me if there is
brand of rope
holds this thought and tightens
it around my mind along with 
my heart and every
part of me that’s desperate
for a trigger to pull

have you been reading closely?
have you been noticing things?
did you bet your fortune on the wrong card?
we’ll see
in time

for now
you need to buy some eyedrops
some lip balm
and some propafenone

look inside your memories
look at the losses
of memories
and tell me that you saw
the purpose of the games
and not just how good
they made you feel

go back to the little lies
look in the corners
for hints of manipulation
and unsupervised experiments

can’t be that naive


find the island I’m on
or the whale
I have no idea
find the tower
please don’t fail


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