The human mind is a weird place
You’d spend months missing a person
And all of a sudden you can’t remember their face
Their voice
Or their last name

The human mind plays games
One moment you don’t care about anyone
Next thing you know
You’re reminded of some
More often than you like to admit

The human mind doesn’t give a shit
One second everything makes sense
Then everything turns to chaos
Or utter emptiness
Big difference

The human mind is garbage
Some days you spit rhymes
Some days you can’t talk
Or remember to eat
Or even function at all

The human mind intrigues me
Makes me want to crack open a skull
Dig my fingers in the crevices
We call them sulci
Feel all the gyri

The human brain is the secret
the bane
and the existence
It controls you
It destroys you
It is you

Take care of it.


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