Whatever It Takes

I’ll write you a sonnet,
If that’s what it takes.
I’ll write you a heart breaking poem,
I’ll write you gibberish,
I’ll fill your memories with foam.

I’ll take a bird,
and cut off its wings,
and tell it that it doesn’t
know how to live.

I’ll set a rope,
I mean it, love.
I’ll hang a pope.
If that’s what it takes

I’ll take what it takes,
and give you a break,
and put whatever it takes in a cake,
Happy birthday!

I’ll play you the piano,
a melodramatic tune.
I’ll break you the piano,
I’ll break the moon.

Not enough, darling?

I’ll start a fire,
and burn your house,
then save you from it,
and have you blush.

I’ll put you in a tower,
A very high one.
I’ll protect you, love.
But first,

I’ll cut your hair off,
and dye it blue.
Tell you how beautiful
it looks on you.

I’ll steal your rings,
admire your fingers.
Call you a bad gypsy
that loses things

I’ll put some music on,
I’ll dance with you,
I’ll bury you alive,
Because you mean the world to me.




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