Bukowskian Analysis


“Of course I’d like to see you but I can promise you nothing – neither sex or love or maybe not even understanding but I would like to see you.”

This may seem romantic but if you read the whole letter written by Bukowski you’ll realise how little emotion it actually contains. 

What was Ann Menebroker thinking?
I know what Bukowski was thinking…

“There is one lady who says, “Bukowski, I don’t see why you don’t love me. I’m a beautiful woman.”Sorry,” I tell her, I’ve got the lever turned to OFF.”

You shouldn’t be turning levers to off,
Just break them.

“I don’t know if I ever want to get back into a strong affair again. I am too emotional, I am too sentimental; when the games begin – the hard games men and women play against each other, I am lost.”

Poor Bukowski, lost in the games.
Why enter them in the first place?

“Try to stay well and don’t feel too bad, or if you do feel too bad, remember it happens to all of us. Hold, dear, hold to the fucking walls, and soon you’ll be laughing, you’ll be thinking, how did I ever let it get hold of me like that? All we need is time – to straighten out, feel better, and then make the same mistake all over again.”

Words to live by.


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