No More Summers


-Months pass and it doesn’t get easier.
Hearing your voice will never get easier.

-Watching that name roll on your tongue still moves something in me.
I thought I was over this, but we left it so unfinished… It kills me.

-I don’t do well with moving on, I don’t do well with un-loving.
Oh for the sake of everything holy, let me un-love you.

-You left a permanent lump in my throat,
and a permanent hate towards the world.

-Call me Blurry Eyes,
Because that’s what I am now.

-I don’t miss you anymore.
But seeing you still hurts all the same.

-You’re like a bad habit,
That has messed me up.

-So now I know that there will be no more winters for us,
No more summers,
No more music filled evenings,
And no more forevers. 


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