I reached Tartarus and it felt like home.
A witch passed by me, gave me looks…

Judged by a witch, what a circus must I be,
Cursed by a witch, what an evil must she see.

I was cursed to never love!
What a stupid witch!
To think that I was capable of feeling,
Let alone, LOVE!
Stupid witch, indeed.

To curse a being who is in here by choice,
One must have a special case of dementia,
To curse the destroyer of Gaia, Chaos and Eros!
I’m not like your coward Cronus,
Betraying his father and betrayed by his son!

Curse all you want, witches.
Judge all you want…
But don’t forget that you’re all in Tartarus too.

I may be more wicked, my hands may be more bloody,
But you folk are Titans.
Who are you to judge?!

This place needs a shadow like mine,
One that extends eternally.
You people need a soul like mine,
Born and raised of nothingness…

Bow down to your ruler.
Bow down to your goddess,
This party is over…
I’m here to end you.


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