Broken Moral Compass

What is life without lies?
What is life without sin?
A life without lies is a body without skin.
Sickening and terrifying. 

Lies are beautiful and misunderstood.
Everything that makes life bearable is a lie.
Poetry, music, love, god…
And the greatest lie of all: purpose. 

We live our lives running around in circles,
searching for things and truths bigger than us.
Until we reach a moment of emptiness.

In that moment we could hear our minds recoiling,
and our hearts giving up.
A moment of absolute, terrifying, silence.

For a moment we see the crippling
truth that we’ve been running from.
We realize that there is no purpose,
we are nothing.

Now let me tell you,

There is no virtue in honesty, there is no gain.
Those who call themselves “honest” are liars.
And those who lie know better.

Those who preach “honesty” are pretentious.
Those who don’t lie are scary people.
“Honesty” is a myth.

So you can either deceive yourself, or embrace every lie
and admit that the truth itself is a lie.

Rest your righteous lying souls,
because our fire is here to stay.
So is our madness and so are our lies…


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