This is a short story that I wrote for a high school writing competition and won the first place. The story’s title had to be “LOST.”



I was running in a marathon. I was the fastest. I could see the end of the track. I was going to win until I tripped over a stone and became the loser of the year. I was awakened from my marathon nightmare by the beeps of my alarm. It isn’t pleasant to start a day by dreaming of a nightmare that is theoretically true, I mean I don’t run and trip in marathons but I fail in the last step to success. I don’t know whether it is luck or fate but I’m the kind of person who would be able to run a 1000 miles but trip over a stone.

My name is Adam a 26 years graduate with no job. Instead of being promoted I got fired two days ago, a seminar that I had prepared went wrong because on my way to work I spilled coffee on my laptop.
As I was reading the newspaper I saw an advertisement that caught my attention.


The LOST Crowd




Meet us at the 8th Shadow Library

Be there at 8:08 pm. on 8/8/2008


The title was so catchy I decided that I was going. I arrived to the library at 8:04 pm. I went in anyway.
All the 7 people who were sitting on the table looked at me at the same time when I walked in, they were all dressed in black.
“You are four minutes early, we were clear about the specificity of time,” said a pale old man. His name was Joe.
“I know. But I’m not one minute early not one minute late; I’m just four minutes early. I guess you weren’t THAT specific,” I said confidently.

Joe smiled “Welcome to the LOST crowd.”
There was an empty chair that I was told to sit on, everyone in the room was different.

“What do you mean with the LOST crowd?” I asked Joe.
“Because at a point of our lives even though we did our best we felt lost. If you didn’t feel lost you wouldn’t be here,” It wasn’t a question.
They start negotiating about things that I couldn’t understand until a woman asks me about my opinion “What do you think Adam?” her name was April. She looked like she was 35 years of age.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I cracked my knuckles.

“You’ll understand soon,” she said nonchalantly.

I was told to meet them again at an address that I’ve never heard of before. I was beginning to think that I’ve gotten myself into something I will regret, but I had nothing to lose so I agreed to meet them.

The meeting date was after a month, that month passed quickly. In that month I’d gotten a new job, hopefully I’ll last in this one more than I lasted in the last one.

I went to meet them. Unintentionally, I had worn black. When arrived to the address I was baffled because it was a maze.

I saw a wooden sign and these exact words were written on it, ‘’To thrive, one shall know the implication of being lost.’’

I summoned all of courageousness and went in.

The maze was made out of shrubs; it was scary and fascinating at the same time. It was dark and I could barely see. I thought I was crazy for getting myself in such a situation. I decided that I was going to use the right hand rule and be a wall follower; I kept walking until I felt my legs can’t carry me anymore. “How big was this maze?” I wondered silently. I sat down and decided to take a rest, I fell asleep. I dreamt that I was in a marathon again but this time the dream was clearer I was looking backwards as I was running that’s why I tripped over a stone. If I hadn’t been looking backwards I could have won. When I woke up I realized why I was lost, I was lost because I didn’t let go of the past, and I kept on looking backwards. I kept remembering how misfortunate I am that I couldn’t concentrate on the present.

I started walking again but this time my aim wasn’t to get out, it was to solve the maze.

It was dawn when I was out of the maze; there was a lake in front of it. The scene was mesmerizing. I took a cab and went home.

When I got home I found a letter from the LOST Crowd, it congratulated me for solving the maze and I have now officially become the 8th member of the LOST crowd. I wondered why number 8 was so important to them. The date, the time, the members…    

Every once in a while we gather and we talk about the progress we’re making in our lives and in people’s lives.
I wasn’t the person who would run and trip anymore, I was a winner. I wasn’t dwelling in past events anymore.

Today I am writing this as a candidate for presidential elections, thanks to the LOST crowd I have found who I really am and I’m going to make this planet a better place.

It is 8/8/2018, today the results of the elections will be announced and whether I am chosen or not is in the future. I’m not going to worry about it because the present is a gift that’s why it is called “Present”.    


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