I Write Romance For The Masses.

I want scars.
I want war.
I want Mjölnir,
The hammer of Thor.

I want ruin,
Leftover cities.
I want bruises,
Warrior hickeys.

I want nightmares.
I want terror.
I want to learn,
By trial and error.

I want power,
Maddening power.
I want the throne,
Of that ivory tower.

I want justice,
Sweet, sweet revenge.
I want victory.
My thirst, quenched.

I want successors,
Faithful heirs.
I want prophecy.
A dozen prayers.

I want lies.
I want divinity.
I want believers,
That delusion affinity.

I want to be,
To be a universe,
Full of galaxies,
and chaos.


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