Because I met you.

It’s like I’m a sunflower and you’re the sun.
I seek your presence the way everything seeks death.
It’s like there’s something in my bones shouting at me to find you, to hold you.
I never believed in unseen powers, but there’s a power pulling me to you.

A new type of gravity,
A moon,
A god.

Unrequited love’s a fucker.
Not in the good way, though.
I see your lips pucker.
And I turn int clay, dough.

It’s funny how my IQ is dropping because of you.
It’s sad how I know that you’re lying but I choose to believe you.

I’m cool headed and cold hearted, I’m made of the cruelest mud.
You drive me angry and mad, loosen my veins and boil my blood.

I want to punch you in the face so you’d see.
I want to kiss you stupid by a Christmas tree.

I’m the heart breaker, usually.
I don’t get attached.
I hate your stupid face.
You’ve broken my fucking latch.

I swear a lot and rant a lot,
I’m not the prettiest thing that you’ll ever see,
I have average everything,
I, also, wouldn’t want me.

You’re not perfect.
You’re so dumb,
You’re so annoying,
But I like you.

Every bit of you.
Especially your smile.


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