Do you know how to build a mountain?
Will you ever stop doubting?

I can’t! I can’t! I have to doubt!
My lips, they have the right to pout!

My lips, they pucker, curve up and down.
My lips, they burn my heart’s ghost town.

Can you be a man?
Will you please just understand?

I can’t kill, lie, rage, and gloat!
I won’t go sinking my only boat!

Stop trying! Stop advancing!
Shut up! Sit down and quit dancing.

But my blood, it boils with passion!
But my mind, it’s my only ration!

You’re useless, you’re weak, you’re fragile!
You hurt, you care, your feelings are vile!

But my wisdom, flies, runs, agile.
My will, stands straight, ripe, nubile!

Don’t think, don’t see!
Don’t talk, don’t be!

I have to think because you don’t.
I have to see what you won’t.

I have to talk to muffle your shouting.
I have to be, so, I keep flouting.


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