When In Bardo


Let’s stay in Bardo,
Let’s keep our vengeance alive.

Come find the alley,
The hidden stage I use to hide

You’ll find me clutching my sword,
Fighting demons you’ve never seen.

There, help me beat them,
Enter their minds, open doors to their dreams.

We’ll fight but we’ll never win,
Because you can’t win when the fight is endless.

We’ll never die even if we tried,
Because ghosts like us don’t get to cease.

They called our sanctuary a myth,
They claimed that our home isn’t real.

But isn’t what’s real is what we can see?
And if we can see it, it’s as real as it can be?

It sees us with it’s almighty power,
It feeds us the darkest of matter.

We belong in darkness because now, stuck is what we are.

We are made of darkness, of void, of Bardo’s darkest stars.


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