If Soulmates Existed


15 minutes.
Why is this making me so nervous?
I was born in the wrong place!
Why was I be born in a universe where we know when we’ll meet our soulmates?
I already hate him. Or her.
10 minutes.
Okay, now I’m bored.
I keep reading my book on the same bench I sit on everyday, I look at the people around me, will my soulmate be one of the dumb guys in this boring school?
10 seconds.
My heart is beating really fast, am I having a heart attack?
5 seconds.
I keep glancing around.
4 seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1 second.
A figure approaches and I smile, he’s not bad.
Hello, can you tell me where Mr. Jerald’s class is? I’m new here,” He says.
My heart sinks. No, it can’t be.
I barely form the words “Second room on the left,” As I glance at his wrist.
It reads “0412d 08h 32m 7s“.
Oh, fuck my luck.
No soulmate, then. Sure, why not
Thanks, universe.

412 days later.

Dmitri is pacing in the park, two months after we met we were best friends and I’m with him for moral support.
20 seconds,” he says as he continues pacing back and forth.
I’m sitting on a swing in the park we’re in.
There’re a couple of children around but no sign of anyone else, my heart shudders a little.
5 seconds.
I see a girl walking towards us but he doesn’t see her.
3 seconds.
Why isn’t anyone here?,” he turns to look at me.
I smile.
0 seconds.
The girl taps him on the shoulder, “I hear you’re my soulmate,” she says as he turns to greet her. She’s gorgeous.
They exchange names and say that they’re going for a walk.

I stay sat on my swing, listening to the metal chains squeak.
I stare at my wrist, one single tear stains my left cheek.
My best friend has found his soulmate.
And my wrist has had a zero on it ever since I met him.

Fuck you, universe,” I think as I walk home.


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