A Mighty Night


I’m running, under this hopeful rain.
I’m running, waging wars against my brain.

I run away from the world, I run away from you.
I run without direction, full speed, looking for you.

I feel my lungs burn and my muscles ache.
I feel torn, I feel my endurance break.

I fall on my knees, stare at the moonless sky.
Scream at the imaginary creature slumbering, up, up, high.

My skyward scream echoes in the rainy night as the ground glows.
I let my head drop between my shoulders, I tremble, rain drips from my nose.

I mutter profanities under my breath.
I lie on my back and wait for my death.

You’re my god, you’re my sick, sick, god.
But you’re one lonely, lonely, sod.


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