Can You Guess What I am?


They told me I was a match, once burnt, never lit again.
They told me I was glass, once cracked, never whole again.

They told me to be quiet and shy.
They taught me to hide and lie.

But what they don’t know is that I’m not a match, I’m not glass, I’m not sweet.
I’m flesh and bone, blood and sweat.

No, I’m more than that.
I’m power in a brain, lighting, flame.

I’m the spark that’s going to ignite the sky.
I’m the hurricane that can’t be the sweet thing they want it to be.

I’m murder and crime.
I’m everything they fear and everything they wish they had the guts to be.

I’m freedom and liberation.
I’m what contradicts their whole generation.

I’m smoke, I’m drugs, I’m alcohol.
I’m things they don’t know how to enjoy.

I’m rebellion, revolution and evolution.
I’m something their religion would never accept.

I’m bisexual, transgender, homosexual.
I’m everything their little brains can’t understand.

I’m philosophy, I’m logic, I’m reason.
I’m everything they don’t know how to handle.

I’m a player, I’m a trickster, I’m evil.
I’m what keeps their guns under their pillows.

I’m disbelief, I’m anger, I’m justice.
I’m their worst nightmare.

I’m a girl.
I’m a woman.
I’m the match that’s going to burn them alive.


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