My Flame Is Your Mirror


Tonight I’m going to burn.
And nothing can put me out.
I’ve waited long for my turn.
To have a good reason to shout.

Tonight I’m going to burn, you can keep my ashes.
You don’t matter in this, you don’t count.
Not this time, you’re not the salt in my whiplashes.
Don’t feel guilty, don’t cancel your plans on my account.

You don’t get to see me end, you don’t get to witness my fall.
Because this fire is my signature.
But first, first, I’m going to drown in alcohol.
First I’m going to smoke one last time and call my archer.

You can have my will, tell people the truth.
You can have my raw heart, keep it in a glass dome.
But after I burn, my archer is going to steal your youth.


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