A Poem That Doesn’t Rhyme


It’s like a slap on the face, realizing how often I think about you.
I find you weaving cobwebs in every corner of my mind.
I try to clean my thoughts of you, but your voice is stuck in my head like a stubborn stain.
I don’t like you, I need you.
And I haven’t needed anyone in a while.
I know I want you because you don’t want me.
But you’re my nicotine and my caffeine.
That’s why I can’t kick you out of my dreams, my brain is haunted.
Am I pining? Do I miss you?
What happened? What went wrong?
I thought we had our own gravity pulling us towards each other every time.
You made me believe in fate for a second.
Did we lose our gravity? Or am I just completely delusional.
I think I’m officially losing my mind.
Sometimes I want to congratulate you because it’s been impossible to make me feel.
Sometimes I want to mourn.
Because now I feel and my heart is broken.
Now I write bizarre romantic words.
How did that happen?

I fucking hate you.

I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss you.


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