Horrible Place


What if you woke up one day and had no reason to live at all?
What if you believed that you don’t belong, your life was a drawl?

What if you were born in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Would breaking the law be considered a crime?

If what’s wrong doesn’t matter but what’s legal does,
Why wouldn’t murder be legalized? What if it was?

If what we think and what we feel isn’t what matters but what we do is,
Would it matter if life made sense?
If hate was laced with every kiss?

What if you realized you were lonely because you couldn’t fit in?
What if you gave up on what’s wrong and what’s a sin?

Why would you go on? When it doesn’t matter if you did.
When your superego has destroyed your id.

What if you were the only piece that didn’t fit?
What if your options are narrowing down to only “quit“?

What if people’s mistakes destroyed your life?
What if you choices were cut with a knife?

What if you were collateral damage?
Where’s your road? Where’s your passage?


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