Not Counting Blessings


Life does go on, but it never goes on the same.
That life that some call the labyrinth of suffering, is filled with dead ends.
Why should it go on? And why does luck exist?
When misery has soaked our umbrellas and our rain is failures’ tears.
New is always better, change is good, we chant.
But we can never change some things and some things should never be changed.
Some of us are trapped in cages, some of us in dark rooms.
When some are stuck in their own minds forcing themselves towards doom.
Things will get better, you don’t know what’s best, they mutter.
Oh dear, things will get bad and worse and there’s absolutely no worst.
So I’m not going to tell you to accept anything, I’m not going to justify irony. I’m not the universe, I’m not god.


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