We Are Just Misguided Ghosts Travelling Endlessly



What if this reality is just a second dimension to a greater reality?
And this second reality is for ghosts, us.
What if we are ghosts?
What if this life is our unfinished business?
What if the greater reality is so much better?
What if there’s no suffering there?
What if everyone knows their way there?
What if boundaries don’t exist there?
What if everything there is perfect?
Not perfect like heaven, but perfect, like, people don’t kill each other but they still have to work hard to get what they want.
What if after we die, we go to a third dimension? A worse dimension. And we won’t remember this dimension at all, the way we don’t remember the dimension before it?
What if we are beings who travel endlessly from one dimension to another? But always to the worst.
What if this is the third dimension? Or the fourth? Or the hundredth? Because I don’t want to believe that this is the first.
Would we travel through dimensions and realities endlessly? And how bad can it get before it’s absolutely the worst?
Imagine the millionth dimension, how horrible would it be?
But what if we can change the direction of our dimensions?
Can we? Or do we keep travelling with no direction?
Can ghosts come to life?
Can’t we rewind back to the first dimension?
Because whichever dimension we live in, it sure can’t be the first.


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