Extreme Nostalgia


When did it all go wrong? And where did the warmth go?

Why doesn’t this home feel like it used to before?

Why do we have to lose people all the time? And why can’t they just stay?

Will we ever build what’s broken? Will we ever be all together again?

Who’s fault is it? And why am I the only one noticing the gaps?
The gaps that people leave in our lives when they make decisions at last.

Why do I miss my sister? And why do I wish she was still here?

Why do I resent my brother? Is it his fault that he’s not near?

Why did people change? And when did they become so vain?

Why didn’t I notice it before? Why did I let it ruin everything?

When did people turn so materialistic? And why did they become so mean?

Why are they so full of hatred when they used to be so keen?

How am I supposed to cope with this?
How am I expected to be the same? When everyone has changed to the worse, when everyone isn’t who they claim.

Why did they kill the kindness? Why did they freeze the warmth?

Why did they stop caring? If they ever did, why stop?

When will they be them again? If they ever will, then when? And when will this house be a home again? Crowded, noisy and filled with dreams?

When did the battle of cities begin? And why do I have to choose one?

Why do I have to choose a house?
When neither are homes on their own.

Will we ever be all together again? Will we be the same?
How will I ever stop asking this? When I don’t know who to blame.


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