Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust


And I painted, and I played, and I killed late in the morning.
And I burned that house down with everyone before mourning.

I had no guilt, I had no shame.
I left that town, I changed my name.

An eye for the eye, a kill for a thought.
A logic imprisoned, a right, fought.

Chaos and unchivalry.
Deeds done superficially.

Back to the artist, criminal at times.
Back to the Nazi for a word that rhymes.

I schemed their death like I tie my laces.
It was thought I was dead like other cases.

I was dead long ago, I came back on a mission.
Back to an amphitheater, won the audition.

I came back to look at the burntdown house.
I came back to see my art, my life after a drowse.

I felt complete, I felt empty.
I felt alive, I felt guilty.

I wanted to run, I wanted to hide.
I wanted to cry or maybe suicide.

I needed to live, I needed to die.
I needed to… wait, who am I?


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