When tolerance goes wrong.


It’s not because they break things inside us that can’t be fixed,
It’s because they’re not supposed to.

They’re supposed to love us, to raise us, to mend our brokenness.
But sometimes they break us, crush us and still think that they are right and we are ungrateful. According to their standards. But even they don’t live up to their standards. They live way, way below their standards.

But they’re right and we’re wrong. Always.

Just because they’re older.

But they haven’t seen what we have, they haven’t been where we had.

To them, someone is always better than us, no matter how much it doesn’t matter.
No matter how much we don’t give a damn.

Our taste is never the way it should be, even though their taste is hideous.

Our thoughts, talents, interests are never worth caring about even though they don’t have any.

But it still doesn’t matter you know why? Because we are living but they’re surviving.


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