Questions That Lead to an End


She held the gun in her right hand, she looked at it second guessing her choice.
She wondered what would be everyone’s reaction the following day.
People would be surprised, sure. She felt bad, like she was betraying someone.
She was betraying a lot of people.

She just couldn’t do it anymore.

All of those unanswered questions, all of the unsaid feelings.
She wasn’t suicidal, she was bored.
She was a quitter, she knew.

They’d miss her, sure, but they’ll move on.
What will my funeral look like?” she wondered.
She wasn’t an ”All or nothing” kind of person, but when it came to life she was.
She thought she should either live or die, she didn’t want to just survive.
What’s the point? What she was doing felt like the shortcut. The right call.

She brought the gun to her temple.
This is dramatic, and I hate drama.” She thought.
She pressed the trigger.


Darkness was all she could see.

The end?


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