A Girl Walking


She got out of the car.
She was sick of driving in the tiny metal vehicle, she looked at the sun as it shone brightly squinting her eyes.
She walked and watched people as the went through their mundane routines, she looked at skyscrapers as they reflected light.

She arrived at her destination, a cottage at a side walk filled with books, beside the cottage lay several newspapers in different languages.
She approached the cottage and knocked once on the open door, an old man who was carrying too many books greeted her.
The man was barefoot, he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen, he had a white beard and white hair, only two of his front teeth were still hanging, one on the bottom and one on top.

+ “Hello sir, I came here for the 25 books.
– “Oh of course, sure, but what’s the password?
+ “Captain, oh my Captain.

The old man smiled, his eyes glinted under sunlight.

-“Didn’t think they’ll send someone like you.”
+ “Neither did I.”

He went and put the 25 books in three plastic bags and handed them over to her.
– “Will you be able to carry them on your own?
+ “I’ll be fine, thank you sir.”

She took the plastic bags and started walking again, she was extra careful now.
She looked at people, speculating.
But people only seemed a little impressed that a young girl of her age was carrying 25 books.
They weren’t heavy, not really.

She arrived at her second destination: a small white house with blue windows, one of the windows were open.
She placed the three bags through the open window, an old man was waiting inside, he nodded at her.

She was happy now, her mission was accomplished.
To people, she looked like a normal girl walking.
Little did they know, she just handed 25 important chips in the 25 books.
The 25 chips are going to be used in the first time machine ever created.

The end?


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