Confessions Of A Man


Because there’s only so much pain a man can take
I can take no more hurt, no more sadness, no more ache

I didn’t get the girl, I’m not the one she chose
She chose him, history repeating, here it goes

She’s too young to notice our flame
Doesn’t know why she thinks about me, why we’re the same

I should leave this town, should have left before
But how could I leave when she doesn’t trust him anymore?

She comes to me thinking I would understand
Corners my soul in an hourglass just like sand

She cries on my shoulder, hugs me to sleep
Doesn’t know her heart is deciding, it’s me to keep

She remembers everything now, my confession, the tear I shed
She asks why I didn’t tell her about our encounter the night we met

I’d wished she’d get everything she wanted from life, disappeared in shade
I didn’t tell her, I knew it mattered but what difference would it have made?

She’s starting to understand how deep this is
How high she’s falling from, into my arms and not his

She’s starting to understand why her heart beats so fast
When we’re near or when she thinks about our past

She knows I’ll do whatever she needs me to do
She knows I can’t lose her, will always choose her through black and blue.

She knows I love her, consume her, she’ll be mine one day
Because she’s not the worst company in the world, and I’m not her bay

I’m her ocean, she will get lost in me
Because ships aren’t made to stay in bays
The’re made to sail, to be free.


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