Imaginary conversation with nobody.




+ I want to die.
– Why? are you depressed?
+ I want to know what happens after.
– What happens after what?
+ Death, idiot.
– But you’ll know the answer to that eventually.
+ I know, but I’m not patient.
– What if nothing happens?
+ What if something does?
– What if you go to hell?
+ What if I don’t?
– What if you miss me?
+ I’d haunt you.
– What if I miss you?
+ Then kill yourself too.
– What if you regret your decision?
+ It seems like the only answer.
– Why waste your life?
+ Dying for a reason isn’t a waste.
– So you want to have the sad story of the decade?
+ There’s nothing sad about dying young. I think it’s romantic.
– I think it’s miserable. Novels have spoiled you beyond repair.
+ They have. In many aspects.
– But you might not read again, listen to music again, write again. Love again.
+ I’ve never loved to love AGAIN.
– Sure you have. 
+ No. I haven’t.
– How many people will you really miss if you die?
+ Ten. Maybe.
– Then you love ten people.
+ You know that’s not what I meant. I meant ”Love”.
– Oh. The thing movies and songs force into our heads? There’s no such thing.
+ I’m glad we agree.
– What if there’s a way to come back?
+ I would come back.
+ Because by that time I would have gotten the answer to my question.
– What if you go to heaven? Would you want to come back?
+ To be honest I think heaven sounds boring.
– Why would you think that?
+ Well, first of all: There aren’t any arguments in heaven.
Second: Everyone loves everyone else.
Third: it’s too peaceful.
– You mean there’s no struggling in heaven. Who wouldn’t want that?
+ No one would want that but they don’t know that struggling is what makes life, life.
– So you mean the messy parts in life are the best parts?
+ In a way, yes.
– Then not knowing about your destiny is a part of life.
+ That makes sense but
– But what?
+ I want answers.
– Imagine how boring life would be if we actually knew what happens.
+ It wouldn’t be interesting. You’re right!
– And you like interesting challenges.
+ I do. But what do you think will happen after death?
– Oh me? I think that nothing happens after death. Absolutely nothing.
+ So we just won’t exist anymore?
– Yes, we’ll just stop ”being”.
+ You can’t prove that right.
– You can’t prove me wrong either.



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