Angry rant about people.


Well people, you reek of corruption. I wonder what made this become of you.

Injustice is justice in your truth-blind eyes.Life is a jungle and you know you’re the pigs,
So you obey the lions & lose your potential. And then you wonder why your country is in a state of lost dreams and ambitions, why your doctors are no longer doctors and your teachers are the ones who cheat.

Doesn’t it disturb your state of ignorance that no one is doing their job the way they should be?

I bet when you were young you had dreams, hopes. You blame a bunch of things for losing them, whether your blame is in its rightful place, I don’t know.
But why do you repeat your tragedy? Crush the dreams of ambitious minds & give chances to people who don’t deserve it.

Excuse me, I can’t stand being near you because I’m allergic to the stench of bribe & deals with devils.
You should be ashamed of yourselves, pretending to be someone everybody knows you’re not.

You need rehab. Or a screw driver to open your mind. To resurrect your conscience if it’s hiding between the folds of your miserably failed personality.

Maybe one day I’ll be someone worth listening to or reading, despite your horrible attempts to suppress me.
I might write about your disgustingly miserable state of unconsciousness.
You maybe eaten by lions by then or you might get promoted into a vulture.

Both don’t matter to me, people like you need help or punishment, it’s not up to me to decide.

You believe in god but don’t do as it says. Why do you believe in it? Why is submission your duty?
Be thankful that I’m not god or I would have burnt you in hell for a couple of years if I were.
Maybe you don’t believe in god but you say you do, being fake might be the best thing you do.

Disbelief is better than faking belief.

But if you believe in god & god existed in your thoughts, then I wonder how you function normally and wake up everyday.
Maybe I won’t ever see you again, maybe you’ll respect me.
But I’ll never cease to wonder what is it that made you ”not be”.
Shakespeare wasn’t fooling around when he said: ”To be or not to be”.


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