It’s raining.

She’s watching.

He’s watching.

It’s raining.
She’s wishing it wouldn’t stop raining.
He’s hoping the it would stop raining.

It’s raining.
They’re ending.
Because they’re too different,
When it comes to rain.

It’s raining.
They’re silent.
No words are worth saying.

It’s raining.
They’re searching,
For a way to say they’re over.

It’s raining.
He’s a pessimist.
She’s an unrealist.

It’s raining.
He thinks it has rained enough.
She thinks it could never rain enough.

It’s raining.
He thinks rain is depressing.
She thinks rain is romantic.

It’s raining.
He’s sick of her enthusiasm.
She’s sick of his misery.

It’s raining.
They walk away from eachother.
Their story ends for a bunch of drops.

But it’s still raining.


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