I sit on a cloud of red
plummeting in the air
pulled by gravity
I need to carry my head

I downed one
but I can still count
something must be wrong
why am I not numb

sounds bounce off the walls
of my eyes
I can still remember
everything I heard
the falls, the calls, the gongs

I wait for the fury
to come
I yearn for the wrath
but I am drowned
in a hail
of indifference

the hollowness has grown so deep
every word that enters
has an echo
and no two words ever meet

ghosts are watching the lunatic
they know their time has come
the dead arise
onto my pages
the memories spill
from my ink

it’s you and you and you
all of this mistrust
all this disillusion
it’s because
you knew
but still
you threw
the truth
in a chute

I have seen enough to know
that every single one of you
wants a different version
of the same show

in the morning I
will pour out my insides
but not my thoughts
not my sentiments
until then I’ll
watch my legs liquify
and wish that
there would come a time
when we didn’t say goodbye

Promises, promises.


I have discovered the secret of life,
the purpose of existence.
I have cracked the big question,
I know why we’re here.

I will tell you, but first,

you have to tell me your deepest secret,
show me your favorite movie,
put on your favorite song.

I promise I’ll tell you,

but you have to take off your clothes first,
you must dance with me,
and you ought to have my babies.

I know it’s hard to believe at this point,
but I swear by everything I hold sacred,
I will tell you,

but first,

you have to go to war with me,
and you have to lose someone you love.
You must wake up at four in the morning,
with dry eyes and tear stained pillows.

One more request and I will tell you.

You have to give your belongings away,
maybe give an organ too,
then, lastly and most importantly,
you must perish and be no more.

static electricity

trees are waiting
their leaves refuse to fall
the sun burns nervously
pointlessly trying to stall
its inescapable death
rivers tiptoe
oceans sit still
the planet holds its breath

everything is on pause
the present
the future
the rights
the wrongs
the do’s
the don’ts

everyone holds
onto their seat tightly
anticipating the
inevitable crash
collateral damage
their own futile backlash

love awaits at the window
pain, at the door
and we’re stuck in limbo
we’re cowards
who want to explore

there is no safety
there is no comfort in truth
there’s no arson without flames
there is no victory
without wounds
there is no dancing
with no sweat
there are no leaps
without dread
there are no earthquakes
without chaos
there are no riots
with rules

the clock is ticking
malicious, cunning, and killing
peaks are on the horizon
a mountain buries a mountain
don’t let the climax
frighten you
don’t let the jump
scare you off

find lightening
in places
you aren’t supposed to
let yourself drown in something
much more corrupt than you
risk everything
gamble, make your bid
or you’ll spend the rest of your life
wishing that you did

y o u

you are the walls surrounding this city
you are the cracks in the walls

you are the bars decorating this prison
you are the hands holding onto the bars

you are the boards keeping this book closed
you are the bookmark slipping

you are the veil hiding this face
you are the eyes shining through

you are the handcuffs holding these wrists
you are the veins bleeding in frustration

you are the tyrant ruling this country
you are the rebellion rising at dawn

you are the hands strangling this neck
you are the sigh of relief

you are the curtains blocking this sunlight
you are the wind blowing the curtains

you are the prophet forbidding this love
you are the nymphet making him sin

you are the god that made this world
you are the human who will destroy it

intrusive thoughts

René Magritte’s
this is not a pipe

a self portrait
this is not a life

you are infusion
i’m a drip chamber

i long
for your trickle

you see me
across the river

glaring at you
hurling chalky rocks

i need you to
teach me how to love

hearts don’t break
the tear

and sometimes they burst
at the seams

when they carry what
they can’t bear

silence is darkness
silence is a grave

it is the music of
the people who are

enslaved by
the words they never say


we flicker like fire
crack and slither
burn away with desire
we push at each other

our eyelashes flutter
like the wings
of a butterfly
waiting impatiently
for little deaths to stop by

if you take my hand
we’ll find the way
through every error
if you take my hand
I like to think
you’ll stop its tremor

but god isn’t willing
neither is everything else
and we’re not the kind of birds
that perch in haunted nests

so we linger in showers
daydream our lives away
wearing our masks of hope
we lie so we get to stay

but we quiver like flames
dance around one another
knowing very well
the smoke
is blowing our cover


I have gotten better at forgetting
I don’t remember
the color of your eyes
the sound of your voice
or how to be honest anymore

I’m getting better at forgetting
you star in my nightmares only
every other day
I think about you only
once a week
I miss you only
twice a month

I’m getting better at forgetting
but I still remember things like
seeing my mother cry for the first time
I was five
she was alone
sitting on a swing in our garden
and I saw my silhouette in her tears

I’m getting better at forgetting
I don’t remember our conversations
or the future we could have had
or the door we left open

I’m getting better at forgetting
I’ve forgotten half of the war
half of my friends
and half of the promises we made

I’ve gotten better at forgetting
I keep forgetting things I want to remember
like the color of your eyes
the sound of your voice
and how to be whole again